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Set of three distinct yet similar wheel-thrown ceramic pots with sculpted faces.


  • Approximately 3x6 in (large), 3x5.5 in (medium), and 3x3.25 in (small)
  • Brown/black interior and exterior, hazelnut brown clay
  • Plants not included


Well-crafted ceramics shaped and changed to remind you of your worth, to plant yourself for growth, and to watch your flame flourish throughout your life.


Glazed on the inside showing the intricacies beyond the surface.

Glazed both on the inside and outside to show the inner beauty all around.


Daniel’s mission is to advocate for mental health through this collection.

In turn, the advocacy reminds him to keep pushing himself forward.

Kindred Face Planter Set

Excluding Sales Tax |

Hand wash only

Food and Microwave safe

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