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Add a pop of color to your space with eclectic tribal-inspired desktop pots for succulents and small spaces.


- Size: 3" x 2.5" 

- Perfect for small spaces

- Made with high quality non-toxic ceramic material.

- Perfect for small spaces

Red Desktop Pot

Excluding Sales Tax |
Spring 2024
  • - There are no drainage holes. This allows for moisture retention, inturn less watering!


    - Be sure to add rocks to keep the roots out of water, helping to avoid root rot. The rocks also enhance aeration, promoting healthier root systems.


    - The reduced frequency of watering is beneficial for succulents, as they prefer well-draining soil and intermittent watering, simulating their natural habitat. 

  • Size: 3" by 2.5"

    Made with high quality non-toxic food-safe ceramic material.

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