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Sarah white

"I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Certified Yoga Instructor. I specialize in Trauma Recovery utilizing psychotherapy and MBSR- Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, a meditation that teaches us how to inhabit the body fully and bridge the gap of mind body connection.

During this 25 minute beginner friendly meditation I will utilize sound and aromatherapy to guide you through meditation that helps you get to know the brilliance that lies within our emotions.

When we withstand a physical injury in the body we may feel the reverberation of that injury for a lifetime.

The same is true for the nervous system and emotional injuries. As a culture we are taught to suppress emotions. This becomes a whack a mole type of situation. Anger, isolation, fear, insecurity, addiction, anxiety, depression rise up to get our attention-To Guide Us Back Home. Emotions are not the enemy.

This guided meditation will teach you how to listen and befriend the nervous system. Moving out of a locked in pattern of fight flight or freeze and into ease.

I am honored to be a part of Dan McQuades Art Exhibit."

- Sarah White, LMHC, CYT


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