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Under the Skin: A Raw Look at Mental Illness

becoming a model

who i am looking for

  • I am seeking ALL types of people 18+ (younger with parental permission) in the Hudson Valley/New York Metropolitan area who currently struggle, have overcome, or those that have an underlying medical condition that has caused mental illness.

  • Specifically those whose body's have been affected by the illness.

  • People with character. Real individuals, not necessarily models you may see on fancy billboards. I want to see the real authentic human that you are. 

  • Seeking, but not limited to:

    • Trans men and women​

      • Do you have scars from any transition surgeries?​

      • Are you comfortable with being life casted topless?

    • LGBTQ+

      • How has your sexuality affected your mental wellbeing?

    • Breast cancer survivors

      • How as it affected your mental wellbeing?

      • Are your breasts removed, nipples ​tattooed, scarring?

      • Are you comfortable with being life casted topless?

    • Eating disorders

      • Are you currently struggling? ​

    • Self harm

      • Do your scars tell a story?

    • PTSD

      • Sexual assault survivors ​

        • Are you comfortable with being life casted in the nude? This is optional*

      • War veterans 

        • Has your body been affected by your time serving our country?​

    • OCD

      • Excessive washing leading to problems with skin​, etc.

    • Skin disorders

      • How it has affected your mental wellbeing

    • Any underlying medical condition that has had an impact on your body leading to struggles with mental illness. 

Please do consider sharing your story even if you do not want to be life casted. I will be compiling many experiences to be included in the exhibit program and photo book.

The process

After you have filled out the application and been contacted as a chosen model​, we will set up a date and time for the following:

  1. Discussion of your background surrounding your illness and recovery; For the story that will be included with the final sculpture.

  2. Life-casting. A process that involves taking a mold of the area your body that has been affected by your illness with skin-safe silicone.

  3. Photos of your body will be taken to use as sculpting and painting references.

    • *Note photos will not be shared with anyone​.

  4. And thats it!

  5. The next steps are on my end, creating a realistic copy of the body part we took a life cast of!

Please email or give me a call if you have any questions! Please don't hesitate! | 845-545-2660

I do thank you for choosing to be involved with such an impactful project and event.

I am especially grateful for you to share your story with the world. I truly hope that

this experience is eye opening for everyone involved. 

Stay Healthy,

Daniel McQuade

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