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Dan McQuade is a New York-based artist who specializes in ceramics, sculpture, and 3D art. His work often focuses on mental health awareness and the human form. He has a background in practical makeup effects for film and television and is skilled in various sculpting techniques and materials. Dan is open to learning and trying new things, believing that all artistic techniques are interconnected.

He finds the human form fascinating and enjoys taking on the complex challenges that come with recreating it, he believes that in the end the hard work was and will be well worth it and that the same goes for his mental health.


Daniel has had a long-standing involvement with the local arts council, beginning in high school when he was awarded the “2016 Youth with Exceptional Promise Award.” He has been volunteering whenever possible ever since. Daniel was very happy to have the opportunity to come full circle with the non-profit, creating the awards for their annual gala in 2019.


In 2020, Daniel received grants for his upcoming sculpture series “Under the Skin: A Raw Look at Mental Illness” from the Orange County Arts Council and Arts Mid-Hudson. Daniel is now working on multiple projects out of his new studio space located in Warwick, NY. 

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